Hacking Emails




Soo… I figured out my ex boyfriends password to his email recently. He’s been stalking me in real life and on my fashion blog. I unsubribed my fahion blog from his emails bc he’s just too ¬†fuckin much. He created a fack worpress just to talk shit about me on my blog just so he could be the hero and stick up for me threw comments. He’s such a loser. Anways I started going threw his sent emails from the past when we were together and saw things that broke my heart</3

One of them being a convo between him and his ex landlord before me. In the convo I learned that his ex landlord evicted him from the apartment and that my ex owed him $6,000. It breaks my heart bc my ex told me that his ex landlord was lying. He told me that he couldn’t have his name on the lease bc the community where we were moving into had a strict backround check that he didnt pass. 2 years and $20,000 of my money spent later I find out he was just a broke nigga lying, pretending that he had money. Wack ass nigga.

I’m just hurt that he lied and I totally believed him. Like he aint no real nigga.


But you know i’m sure strong and I’ll just continue reminding myself that the evil stuff he put me threw needed to happen in order to make me the great wonderful woman I am today. Itt was just lessons I needed to learn in order to meet my twinflame.





Made with Love




Soooo…. I had unprotected sex yesterday..

With the man of my dreams. He totally came inside of me. I totally loved every moment of it. It wouldn’t be the first time he came inside of me. But it would be the first time I literally told him to and he listened and did it. We were in my apartment and we began w/ him hitting it from the back to him being on top me, face to face. He fuckd me so good, he always does. Our souls interwined, so dreamy. I love him so much. Finally someone who fulfills the shoes of my first real boyfriend BA. Someone who accepts every single little tiny thing about me just like BA. It’s an amzing feeling to find your twinflame. That’s exactly what this man is to me. My Twinflame. Our chemistry is amazing, we literally live in our own little world while with each other. Which is always a good thing..lol..but sometimes we become forgetful of reality. But we are so in love and we always bounce right back.

I got sidetracked with how amazing we are together. lol. my bad. Anways he came inside of me, made sure all that baby gravy did not fall out.lol. I’m 23 right now and yea there are somethings I’d like to have in order before I have a child but I never felt more sure about anything in my life. If I become pregnant I’ll be the happiest, must luckiest girl in the world.:)

I feel so blessed that this child would be concieved out of love. We have been talking about having a child for a few months now. Even if this happen now, I’m still so truely blessed to have met the man of my dreams and that we will one day conceive a child out of nothing else but pure love.